Laurence Williamson - Film Editor
07813 583735
I have edited many types of peak time documentaries for all the main TV channels - on film, tape, Lightworks, Final Cut and Avid. I was voted one of the top ten UK film editors in 1999.

In 2007 a film I edited won the BAFTA Specialist Factual Award. Six other films I edited won RTS Awards. Other films have been nominated for RTS, BAFTA, Broadcast Digital and Grierson Awards, and been part of an EMMY winning series.
  My editing credits include:
Bergdahl Coming Home - Bowe Bergdahl
 vs The United States
  BBC4/Pathfinder Productions
90 minute doc for Storyville with unprecedented access to the US Army deserter and Taliban hostage branded a traitor by Donald Trump.   Presented and Directed
 by Sean Langan
Garden The British Garden
 - Life and Death on Your Lawn
90 minute doc filmed over a year finding out just how much wildlife there is in a typical back garden.
Presented by Chris Packham.
  Produced and Directed
 by Tom Cook
Ardal Ireland with Ardal O'Hanlon   More4/Big Mountain Productions
3 x 50 minute docs filmed around Ireland as Ardal discovers what it means to be Irish.
  Produced and Directed
 by Christopher Bruce
The Royal Good Guys   France 5/CB Productions
60 minute doc about the charitable works of four Royal Princes. Shown throughout (republican) Europe and the USA.   Produced and Directed
 by Alison Homewood and Christian Bidault
Griff's Great Britain   ITV1/Modern TV
8 x 30 min docs with Griff Rhys Jones exploring different areas of Britain   Produced and Directed by Christopher Bruce
"Words like 'testy', 'irritable' and 'curmudgeon' were invented for him, which is what makes Griff's Great Britain such fun"  Daily Mail    
OAP's Behaving Badly   C5/Barcroft TV
2 of 6 docs about people growing old gracefully - or not.   Produced by Lucy Sandys-Winsch, Sean Grundy and Richard Nash
Man and Beast with Martin Clunes   ITV1/Buffalo Films
2 x 60 min docs travelling the world with Martin Clunes as he looks at man's relationships with animals through the ages   Produced and Directed by Christopher Bruce
"Martin Clunes's affection for all creatures great and small is especially touching" The Guardian    
Forbidden Love   Zimbabwe release
A short drama shot in Zimbabwe about novelist Dambudzo Marechera's affair with Flora Veit-Wild   Written and Directed by Agnieszka Piotrowska
The Men with Many Wives C4/Shiver TV
Obdoc exploring the world of polygamy as practised by British Muslims   Produced and Directed by Masood Khan
"An unusually clear-eyed documentary" The Guardian
"It deftly exposed the unfairness at the heart of these unions" The Telegraph
The Auction House   C4/Dragonfly
1 of 3 docs in the first series about Britain's most eccentric auction house and its wealthy customers.   Executive Produced
 by Charlotte Desai
When Bjork Met Attenborough   C4/Pulse Films
The two mutual fans discuss the origins of music and the relationship between nature and Bjork's Biophilia performances. I was brought in by C4 to bring this ambitious film to a successful conclusion.   Produced and Directed
 by Louise Hooper
"A delight to the senses" The Telegraph    
A Great Welsh Adventure - with Griff Rhys Jones   ITV1/Modern TV
8 x 30 min docs of Griff exploring different regions of Wales   Produced and Directed by Christopher Bruce
"Gorgeous landscapes, interesting history and good company" Documentary Pick of the Day - The Observer    
Escape from Colditz   C4/Windfall
Feature length doc recreating the most famous, planned WW2 prison break - flying a glider off the roof of Colditz Castle   Filmed, Produced and Directed by Tom Cook
Shortlisted 2013 Grierson Awards    
William, Kate and the Royal Baby   France 3/CB Productions
The latest instalment in our  Royal soap opera shown throughout (republican) Europe and the USA.   Produced and Directed by Christian Bidault
Perspectives - Portillo on Picasso   ITV1/Plum Pictures
Michael Portillo finds the parallels between his father's exile from fascist Spain and Picasso's exile from his homeland   Produced and Directed by Christopher Bruce
Mary - Queen of the High Street   C4/Optomen
Mary Portas tries to save Margate High Street in spite of some local doubts.   Produced and Directed by Colin Rothbart
Wonderland - High Society Brides   BBC2/Keo Films
What happened to five 'girls in pearls' who appeared on the frontispiece page of Country Life magazine during the last fifty years.   Directed by
 Hannah Berryman
"This beautifully crafted documentary" TV Times
"Unexpectedly touching, thoroughly engaging" Radio Times
Nominated Most Entertaining Documentary 2011 Grierson Awards    
Perspectives - Sergeant on Spike   ITV1/Silver River
John Sergeant explores the comic genius of Spike Milligan   Produced and Directed by Christopher Bruce
"Excellent - an intelligently edited pleasure of a programme" The Observer    
Poms in Paradise   ITV1/Century Films
4 of 8 half hour ob docs about life on Australia's Gold Coast for British ex-pats   Produced and Directed by Bruce Fletcher and Peter Beard
"Funniest show of the week" The Sunday Express    
Britain's Lost Routes with Griff Rhys Jones   BBC1/Modern TV
2 of 4 60 min films with Griff retracing forgotten routes. A pilgrimage route through Wales and a cattle droving route through Scotland.   Produced and Directed by Christopher Bruce
Wicked Pirate City   Nat Geo/Wall to Wall
Two hour drama doc about the sunken city of Port Royal and the real pirates of the Caribbean. 1 of 2 editors   Directed by
 Diene Petterle
"Choice of the Day" The Observer    
First Cut - The Pawn King   C4/Keo Films
Looking at the boom in easy but expensive money from online pawnbroking.   Directed by
 Kirsty Garland
"Shocking but eminently watchable" The Observer    
  Ration Book Britain   UKTV/Optomen Television
Valentine Warner, Andrew Castle and Jodie Kidd explore what it meant to live through the rationing years in Britain,   Produced and Directed by Diene Petterle and David Robertson
4 x 44 min films edited, graded and on-lined by me in just 3 weeks for each film.    
Shortlisted 2011 Broadcast Digital Awards    
Make Me A New Face   BBC2/ORTV
Ben Fogle travels to Ethiopia with a team of specialist surgeons who perform life changing surgery on children severely disfigured by Noma   Produced and Directed by Abi Priddle
"The work of the surgeons is incredible to watch and the life changing difference it makes to the children ultimately joyful! The Times    
The Hospital   C4/North One
The episode in series two of the award winning programme about the hidden epidemic of Diabetes   Produced and Directed by Tom Coveney
Valentine Warner Eats The Sixties   UKTV/Optomen Television
Valentine explores how we ate in the swinging sixties   Produced and Directed by Joe Harding
2 x 44 min films edited, graded and onlined by me in just three weeks for each film    
The Posters Came From The Walls   Brown Owl Films/Mute Records
The fans of Depeche Mode filmed by Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller   Directed by Jeremy Deller and Nick Abrahams
Selected for 2008 London Film Festival    
"The most fun film of the Festival" The Observer
"Hilarious, brilliantly edited and politically fascinating" Dazed and Confused
  The Best Job In The World   BBC1/BBC Wales
Following four young Brits as they try to win the job that's too good to be true...   Filmed and Directed by Agnieszka Piotrowska
"Many many thanks for being superbly brilliant"  BBC Exec    
Kevin McCloud and The Big Town Plan   C4/Talkbalk Thames
Filmed over five years, can good design rescue the failing town of Castleford in Yorkshire? I worked with Robert Thirkell across the series. 4 x50 mins. 1 of 3 editors   Produced and Directed by Hugo Smith
Nominated 2008 RTS Awards    
The Supreme Court   More 4/KHP
90 min obdoc following the first year of Britain's new Supreme Court. 1 of 3 editors   Produced and Directed by Karen Hamilton
Greatest Cities of The World - Rome   ITV1/Modern TV
Griff Rhys Jones explores the ancient city   Produced and Directed by Christopher Bruce
"Thank you for your excellent work - immaculately edited" ITV Factual Director    
Making The Universe   Mute Records
45 min obdoc following eight months of studio sessions as Depeche Mode record their album "Sounds of The Universe"   Filmed by Daniel Miller, Andy Fletcher and others
Nuremberg - Goering's Last Stand   C4/3BM
Two hour drama doc about Goering's rise to power and downfall at the Nuremberg Trials   Written, Produced and Directed by Peter Nicholson
"Superbly made, thought-provoking and gripping" The Observer    
2007 BAFTA Specialist Factual Award Winner
Nominated 2007 Banff World Television Awards
One Life - The Brick in The Wall Kids   BBC1/Silver River
The kids who sang on the Pink Floyd hit tell their story and of how they came through the controversy   Directed by
 Hannah Berryman
The Making of Me - Vanessa Mae   BBC1
The violinist tries to discover whether her musicality was the result of nature or nurture   Directed by
 John Holdsworth
One Life - Gail Porter Laid Bare   BBC1/Maverick Television
The blonde TV presenter comes to terms with the loss of her hair   Directed by
 Hannah Berryman
Dawn Goes Lesbian   BBC3/Zig Zag
The intrepid journalist Dawn Porter tries living as a lesbian for a month   Filmed and Directed by Alex Berk
Married to The Eiffel Tower   C5/Blink
Examine the little known phenomenon of Objectum Sexuals - women who have relationships only with objects, like The Eiffel Tower and The Berlin Wall   Filmed and Directed by Agnieszka Piotrowska
"Beautifully shot and fascinating - the film has reminded me why I like watching television" The Observer    
Cutting Edge - Bus Pass Workaholics   C4/Silver River
A look at Britain's 1.2 million pensioner workforce finding humour and sadness in their stories   Filmed and Directed by Hannah Berryman
Into The Big Wide World   C4/Ricochet
Following a project in south London trying to give a better chance in life to teenagers leaving the care system   Filmed and Directed
 by Jessie Versluys
"It's heartening to see a film that painstakingly avoids mawkishness and exploitation, instead we get to understand the quartet's hopes and fears" The Mail on Sunday    
Extraordinary People - The Boy With A New Head   C5/At It Productions
Following 13 year old Petero from rural Uganda to Dallas for dramatic surgery   Filmed and Directed
 by Alex Berk
Shortlisted 2007 Grierson Awards    
Jamie's Chef   C4/Fresh One
Jamie Oliver gives one of his trainees the chance to run their own business. 4 x 50 mins. Final edit of 1+2, edit of 3 and pre-edit of 4   Directors: Kim Maddever, Paddy Wivell
"It is shaped with loving care. If it were a sculpture it would be a Henry Moore. If it were a steak it wouldn't have an ounce of fat on it. Each scene whizzes by and each character zings off the screen" Radio Times    
Hannah Glasse - The First Domestic Goddess   BBC4/Optomen Television
Clarissa Dickson-Wright presents a drama documentary about the Georgian author   Directed by
 Diene Petterle
Nominated 2007 Glenfiddich Award    
  More to come...